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ESSDACK Teacher Center
ESSDACK will be offering three opportunities that will afford principals skills that will enhance their leadership capacity and ultimately increase student learning in the ever-changing world of education.

Educational Resources for Busy Parents, Principals, Teachers
Our mission is to assist educators in the ongoing process of building school capacity through providing solutions and strategies that will enable them to teach all students to read and write at or above grade-level standards, regardless of their demographics or categorical labels. We seek to provide quality professional growth opportunities for Grades PreK-6 educators that are enriched and extended by well-written and practical books.

Resources for Catholic Educators

Reading a-z.
This website offers decodable text, guided reading stories and lesson plans. There is a yearly membership fee required.

Orton-Gillingham Staff Development for General Education Teachers
The Institute for Multi-Sensory Education has developed Orton-Gillingham staff development trainings for general education educators and paraprofessionals in addition to reading and special education teachers. IMSE is recognized for the quality of our teacher development programs, inservice sessions, reading workshops, as well as curriculum development. We now offer an Orton-Gillingham training program for parent groups, which has become very popular in the U.S.

Orton-Gillingham phonics based multi-sensory instruction for slow learners

Resources for the resource room

Reading Workshops in Orton-Gillingham for General Educators

Early Intervention in Reading Instruction; Orton-Gillingham for the General Classroom

PTO Resources
A central information resource for PTO groups and other school related parent teacher organizations. The goal of the website is to provide information and insight on an array of issues facing today's schools.

<a data-cke-saved-href="http://www.schoolspiritstore.com/" href="http://www.schoolspiritstore.com/" "="" target="_blank">The School Spirit Store
Let us help you show off your School Spirit with great ideas designed with your school team, club or group's logo, name and/or mascot in your school colors.

Education Library
Links to "educate directory" resources and information websites

Deep Brain Stimulation
Our sensory stimulation program nourishes and stimulates the brain for the treatment of learning and behavior disorders.


Homeschool Central

ABC Home Preschool
No need to purchase a bunch of books to teach your child preschool. All the courses are included in one workbook.

"Sensational Strategies for Beginning Readers"

Research for slow readers

Help for slow learners

Learning Disabilities

Research based reading program for tutorial centers



Special Education/Needs Resources

ISER Internet Special Education Resource
ISER is a directory of professionals, organizations, and schools that serve the learning disabilities and special education communities.

Orton-Gillingham Staff Development for Reading Specialists

Orton-Gillingham for Dyslexia