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Writing Skills - Teachers Handbook

Item #: W1114

By Diana Hanbury King

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Research shows that explicit instruction benefits both struggling and proficient writers. For the reluctant, at-risk, and beginning writer, this comprehensive program provides an essential foundation in thinking and writing skills. For the proficient and advanced, it offers strategies, techniques, and opportunities to apply them. Students who spell correctly and write legibly receive the highest scores on standardized assessments. With special instruction in spelling, handwriting, and keyboarding, the "Writing Skills" series addresses important skills that many writing curricula take for granted. Writing Skills Book A "Writing Skills A" teaches the writing process in a series of logical steps facilitating direct instruction in grammar, usage, and composition. This book helps beginning writers build sentence sense and paragraph skills, organize ideas, argue points, and support arguments. Grades 2–4 · 168 pages Writing Skills 1 and 2 These workbooks teach writing in a series of logical steps, taking the student from basic sentences and paragraphs through expanded paragraphs and essays. Writing Skills 1 - Grades 4-6 · 135 pages Writing Skills 2 - Grades 7-8 · 153 pages Writing Skills Book 3 "Writing Skills 3" helps high-school students and adults generate ideas, argue points, and understand the 8 major forms of expository writing. This book presents a logical sequence of skills to help student’s master paragraphs and essays. This book facilitates direct instruction in grammar and mechanics as well as in composition. Grades 9-12 · 108 pages The Writing Skills Teacher Handbook "The Writing Skills Teacher's Handbook" offers explicit instruction for those with learning differences as well as techniques and exercise for proficient writers. Skills Addressed: · Correct paper position, posture, and pencil grip · Prewriting exercises · Lowercase letters · Joining lowercase letters · Numerals · Uppercase letters · Joining uppercase to lowercase letters · Writing practice and applications 158 pages

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