I would absolutely recommend this training to others. It is very logical and so helpful, yet fun!

Jennifer Barnes

I would recommend this to others, because it has been so helpful to my child who was struggling with spelling and reading.

Kelly DeAngelis

Thank you for offering this to parents. It really helps me to assist the teacher at home, now that I know what phonics is all about.

Susan Kamin

I especially like the fact that this program begins in pre-K and continues to be built upon. Secondly, the parent training program provides the needed connection between home and school.

Marianne McGowan

My daughter is learning to read through the O-G method at Roosevelt Elementary School, West Bloomfield, MI and I'm very pleased with the results: "I think she's improved 100 percent."

Rhonda Ledford


This program benefits not only special education students, but has been beneficial in teaching reading to our entire student population. Our bilingual and transitional teachers have been especially enthusiastic about this program.

Curriculum Director, Passaic Public Schools, Passaic, New Jersey

There is new research right now that suggests combining phonics with content is the way to go in early intervention.

Dr. Paul Lipson, Principal – West Bloomfield MI

I have received thank you notes stating that this was more valuable than any graduate class, and I hear success stories whenever I see the teachers.

Edwina Borovich, Curriculum Director Pontiac, MI Schools

It is evident that this program is designed by teachers for teachers; they have a great understanding of realistic classroom environments.

Dr. Van Valkenberg, Principal, Riverview MI Public Schools


I see O-G as a wonderful tool in helping children who experience a wide range of reading difficulties. Going from simple to complex rules and strategies and using various modalities helps my kids experience and understand the process of reading.

Julie Abeska

The training helps teachers give students the skills to become independent and confident readers and writers. They now have the skills to be risk-takers.

Sara Lynn Lawn

The children are more enthusiastic about reading and want to write stories, instead of it being too hard to try

Sharon Clarke

This training has been extremely valuable. I can’t believe how easy it is to implement and fun to use. My students love it and are very motivated to learn. Parents love the progress their children have made.

Stephanie Wince

I took the 30 hour comprehensive training last week with Tiffany Malicoat. I was so impressed with the entire program of Orton Gillingham. I sure wish this program was implemented in every school across America. Every child would be reading at grade level! Having been a teacher for 8 years before having children, I know that a teacher can make all the difference in the world for the students who are eager to learn. I have to tell you that Tiffany is the perfect instructor for this course! She was so prepared and so easy to listen to. She answered any question that came her way with ease. She had the schedule up first thing in the morning, so we could all see what the day was going to look like - I personally like to have that schedule in mind to know what to expect. Our breaks were timed well as well as our practice times with a partner. It was an intense week of learning, but thanks to Tiffany, I came away from the course feeling confident to tutor as well as to help my son who has processing issues. Thank you for offering this wonderful training in the Atlanta area and thank you for sending an experienced, energetic instructor who made learning easy and fun!

Amy Wolverton